Ep 20: The Love and Kindness Project: Karyn Ross

TAKING THE HELM with Lynn McLaughlin

Jul 15 2020 • 31 mins

In late 2016, seeing a growing trend of unkindness in the world, Karyn Ross had an idea.  Two and a half years later, after anonymously leaving more than 7,000 love and kindness buttons for people to find, she founded The Love and Kindness Project Foundation. It is dedicated to fostering projects that create love and kindness in the world. But wait! She's got much more to share with us!  00:10 Sponsorship and Introduction of Karyn Ross  03:20  The Love and Kindness Foundation  04:30  The impact of one act of tiny kindness a day  07:45  Women in Lean  10:53  Teaching us to use our creativity  12:00  Getting rid of "I can't"  14:18  Personal Growth Series launched today  18:00 Karyn's model of Right Sized Pricing  19:40  Making conscious choices on what we will engage in  21:30  Think Kindly, Speak Kindly, Act Kindly  24:40 An act of kindness in Toronto  26:20  A community's collective kindness   28:40  Testimonial to Karyn  https://karynrossconsulting.com/  https://loveandkindnessproject.org/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/taking-the-helm/support