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- Getting Started in Partner Operations
- Career Growth and Future Direction: Pushing for More Opportunities
- Facets of Partner Ops: RevOps, MarketingOps, Sales Ops, Enablement, and more!
- Partner Ops as a driver of Partner Experience
- Partner Tech! What's here, what's not, and where it's going
- Partner Architecture - the ongoing debates around what to build and how
- Ops needs by programs
- PartnerOps priorities from pre-funding to Series C growth
- GSD with cross-functional influence
- Partner Ops that scale
- Interviews with other PartnerOps practitioners and leading voices in Partnerships

Aaron Howerton
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Drop the CRM
May 17 2023
Drop the CRM
This week - we explore the challenges faced by Partner Ops professionals and their reliance on CRM systems that aren't designed for their needs. Maybe it's time to drop the CRM? CRMs are't designed for Partnerships out of the box.Heavy customizations create highly sensitive and unique environments. Integrations continually add dead weight to CRM infrastructure and icnrease complexity in management In a perfect world, the CRM is a source of truth, but in reality it's often never realized. PartnerOps faces an often uphill battle trying to bring everyone and everything together on the data front. Currently available technology opens a door for new approaches to how we manage Partnerships and Data that is no longer dependent on the CRM or even being IN the CRM for the Partnership org. Centralize partner data through a streamlined data layer.Integrate via synchronization to avoid direct CRM engagement.Provide a layer for access/visibility that enhances the Partner Manager and potentially Partner experience. Create actual truth through data normalization. Send data wherever you need it to be, for whatever audience you need. Join me as I question why Partnership teams continue to work with inadequate technology platforms and suggest an alternative that just might improve things for everyone.Click here to subscribe to the weekly newsletter where you can see the diagrams that go along with this episode. As always, to discuss this or anything else Partner Tech, reach out for a discussion!