Refining the Scope: Partner Operations v. Partner Analyst

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Oct 20 2022 • 7 mins

Day 3️⃣ Refining the Scope: #PartnersOps or #BusinessAnalyst?

Partner Operations, more than many other operational roles in my experience, tends to be a catchall title reflecting a deeper need for operational AND programmatic support. Operational work falls to the first few program hires trying to stand things up and by the time an Ops hire shows up on the scene there's a mixed bag of work that needs done.

The difference in skills overlap but the jump back and forth from daily operational work into deep research and analysis on how to drive improvement can slow down delivery and be mentally exhausting (i.e. being all things to all people, always saying yes, etc).

You might benefit from refining the scope of your need and balancing that against the maturity of your company to drive the results you really need, right now.

Below is a loose breakout of how you might visualize each role to more clearly delineate value and purpose in your hiring process and deployment of the role into the organization.

Partner Business Analyst:
✅ High level project management as core function
✅ Requirement development and road-mapping for strategic projects
✅ Cross-functional collaboration to drive partner initiatives internally
✅ Strategic program support - dedicated or multi-pronged
✅ Drives requirements into Operations to deliver

Partner Operations:
✅ Core reporting/dashboard development and maintenance
✅ Enterprise architecture/Ecosystem management
✅ Data enrichment/hygiene management
✅ SOP development and enforcement
✅ Daily support rhythms for team and external partners
✅ Maintaining and improving manual processes into automation
✅ Technical system ownership/representation into core business tools

Personally, I think early stage companies would benefit by leaning into the Analyst definition more heavily than the Ops as part of that role is driving or-wide awareness and resource alignment toward Partnerships. This ultimately benefits the company-wide effort to make partnerships an integral part of the organizational fabric and pushes ownership deeper into the org as those operational functions build out and support partnership solutions.

What do YOU think?

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Aaron Howerton