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Episode 24: The Dragon Thief
Nov 5 2021
Episode 24: The Dragon Thief
Hey! I Gotta New Book Podcast Episode 24 The Dragon Thief by Zetta Elliott Logan and Richard continue through the fantasy novel series by Zetta Elliott.  Zetta's book series Dragon's in a Bag. Book two, The Dragon Thief, picks up where book one left off with Kavita and the Dragon Mo. Richard gives us a brief recap of book one, while Logan then starts to tell us book two's plot. Where Kavita has decided that she wants a dragon as a pet. However, she may have bit of more than she can chew when her Aunt tells her that keeping a dragon is a bad idea.  Now Kavita must find a way to get the dragon to a new home.  Meanwhile, Jaxon is on the hunt to track down the missing dragon without Ma's assistance. Logan and Richard tell us all about dragons, talking rats, magical pigeons and mysterious astrologers.  Will Jaxon get the dragon back? Will Kavita find a home for her friend?  And why do they call the man named Blue, Blue? Hold on to that mint tin, your headphones and a book bag for this review of The Dragon Thief. Does anyone really read these show notes?  If you do, email the show and let us know. Check out Zetta Elliott's Website: https://www.zettaelliott.com/ Title theme song Speed Racer by Blake (c) copyright 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/blakeht/49288 Follow us on Twitter : @HeyIGottaBook Facebook : Hey I gotta New Book Our Website:  Https://HeyIGottaNewbook.com