197. Four Simple Words

Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Aug 21 2023 • 24 mins

Discover the power of four simple words: See, Say, Sit, and Step; Val's fundamental formula to assist children in separating their identity from their emotions, and expressing these feelings in a healthier way. We'll also look into the significance of setting boundaries around emotions, a vital step in maintaining our overall wellbeing.

HERE IS A PDF TO HELP YOU USE THESE FOUR SIMPLE WORDS WITH YOUR CHILD"S EMOTIONS - it's the story of SAM and how he handles his big emotions using four simple words.

Further, we delve into the intricate process of managing emotions before acting, hear Val's 'I Am' statements designed to help manage emotions.
This is the final episode in a series of four on Managing Emotions. Here are the first three:
Episode 194: Raising Emotionally Wise Kids and Teens
Episode 195: Five Steps to Emotional Wholeness
Episode 196: Balancing Emotions and Actions; and Facing Difficult Things

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