Dating Worthy- Regaining Self Love + Manifesting Your Dream Love Life with Dominique Clark

Table Talk with Tottie

Feb 9 2020 • 35 mins

It’s love month, you know the time of year where everyone is in the spirit of being boo’d up and drunk in love so today, we are joined by Dominique Clark, a multitalented Relationship Expert, Author, Media Personality and Host with years of experience empowering influencers and professionals across the country in intentional dating and building healthy relationships.   On the show today, we discuss the highly misconstrued term self-love and how it plays a very critical part in who we choose to date or even how we manifest the right person into our lives. Dominique also drops gems on how you can identify lack of self-worth and how to date from a place of worthiness. Let’s just say, today’s show is what you need to go from feeling unworthy of love to attracting the love life and relationship of your dreams.   Shop the LIMITED EDITION “Bag’d Up” Valentine’s Day Collection by xoTottie! http://natashaweston.com/store (NatashaWeston.com/store)    Connect with Dominique on Instagram—> http://instagram.com/iam_dclark (Instagram.com/iam_dclark)   Purchase Dominique’s book, She’s Valuable (But Does She Know It) on Amazon https://amzn.to/3b5L3WT%20 (here.)   Visit Dominique's website to learn more about her coaching, online course & more at http://dominiqueclark.com/ (DominiqueClark.com)    Listen to past episodes of the show at: http://www.tabletalkwithtottie.com/ (http://www.TableTalkwithTottie.com)      ♡SUBSCRIBE & LEAVE A REVIEW FOR MORE EPISODES! 🚗 Get a FREE Lyft ride on me! "OfficialTottie"   👯LET'S BE FRIENDS! ♡Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialtottie (http://www.twitter.com/officialtottie) ♡Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialtottie (http://instagram.com/tabletalkwithtottie) ♡Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialtottie (http://instagram.com/officialtottie)  ♡Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialtottie (http://www.facebook.com/tabletalkwithtottie)   Sign up for my exclusive #GroupChat newsletter at http://natashaweston.com/ (NatashaWeston.com)!