(MINISODE): #ShutdownSeason: 8 Keys to Surviving the Coronavirus

Table Talk with Tottie

Mar 18 2020 • 18 mins

It's undeniably a very unsure time in our world with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. As a creative, entrepreneur or biz owner it's another level of uncertainty that comes with it because we are trying to figure out how to stay afloat. In this pop up episode, I share 8 key survival tactics to get ahead during this #ShutdownSeason.   Download Content Chaos FREE until April 1, 2020 http://bit.ly/covid19content (here). Download the Brand You Like A Boss e-book https://www.natashaweston.com/product-page/brand-you-like-a-boss-e-book ( here). Listen to past episodes of the show at: http://www.tabletalkwithtottie.com/ (http://www.TableTalkwithTottie.com)        ♡SUBSCRIBE & LEAVE A REVIEW FOR MORE EPISODES! 🚗 Get a FREE Lyft ride on me! "OfficialTottie"   👯LET'S BE FRIENDS! ♡Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialtottie (http://www.twitter.com/officialtottie) ♡Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialtottie (http://instagram.com/tabletalkwithtottiehttp://instagram.com/officialtottie)  ♡Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialtottie (http://www.facebook.com/tabletalkwithtottie)   Sign up for my exclusive #GroupChat newsletter at http://natashaweston.com/ (NatashaWeston.com)!