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Conversations with the world’s most fascinating people. Each week, hosts David Marchese and Lulu Garcia-Navarro talk to compelling, influential figures in culture, politics, business, sports and beyond — illuminating who they are, why they do what they do and how they impact the rest of us. New episodes every Saturday. read less

Our Editor's Take

First Person is a moving podcast featuring a range of fascinating stories. As per the title, The New York Times Opinion series provides first-person narratives. These stories focus on how significant events shaped particular people. The show considers how people find themselves in surprising situations. These intimate stories will make listeners feel like they know the individual personally. The podcast provides a fresh, enlightening lens on a range of subjects. Informative and humanizing, this show is revelatory.

When thinking about the world, it is human nature to consider the most impactful moments. But rarely do people think about the individuals behind these events. The First Person podcast hopes to change that narrative. The show's core belief is that every event begins with a story. It uncovers the experiences that individuals feel while living out that story.

Journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro hosts First Person. She speaks in a calm, composed tone-and broaches knotty topics. The podcast's stories are often emotional. These are complex subjects for the guests to share. But Garcia-Navarro strikes the right balance of intrigue and respect. With her journalism background, the former NPR voice knows how to get to the core of an issue. This method helps discover the source of the problem at hand. It also provides the audience with clear insight into her conversational partner.

Topics span wide on First Person. Previous subjects include the cure for obesity, the choice of parenthood, arming teachers, and mental illness. Other podcast episodes explain how individuals navigated a life-threatening diagnosis. Garcia-Navarro introduces each episode with a soothing narrative. She then brings her guest in to give their account of events. The nature of the subjects means this isn't always a lighthearted listen. Listeners may best enjoy it with an open mind.

First Person is a New York Times Opinion show. Recounting the stories behind prominent world issues, it provides a different view. Listening will help people understand some of the complex challenges of humankind. It will give audiences a greater appreciation for the day-to-day struggles of life. Finally, it will be moving, sometimes challenging, but overall, enlightening.

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