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Nov 30 2022 • 37 mins

Today on the EDGE, Erin sits down once again with Dr. Marie Haynes to discuss how semantic search has evolved and what the future may have in store for SEOs and webmasters.

Many Google algorithm updates are discussed from 10 years ago until today. They spend time discussing the impacts of Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E.A.T.), as well as the considerations associated with Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) and Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines. The algorithm updates mentioned above all help Google understand the language better while defining online entities in its Knowledge Graph.

Dr. Marie Haynes has over ten years in the SEO trenches and frequently speaks at industry conferences. In addition, she contributes to many SEO publications. Marie is the founder and President of Marie Haynes Consulting.

Key Segments:

[00:03:31] Choppy Waves in the SEO Industry

[00:05:00] An Overview of the Quality Raters Guidelines

[00:09:05] Your Money or Your Life

[00:11:03] Algorithms and Machine Learning

[00:13:35] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Site Strategics

[00:14:34] Feeding the Machine Learning Beast

[00:14:56] News, Disinformation and Political Subjects

[00:19:41] Entity Space of SEO – Understanding Language

[00:24:57] Structured Data and Unstructured Data

[00:28:28] EDGE of the Web Title Sponsor: edgeofthewebradio.com/wix

[00:30:02] Original Reporting, Information, Analysis and Content.

[00:31:22] Quality Raters Guidelines Book and Newsletter

[00:33:22] Final Thoughts

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