541 | Dealing with Plagiarism and Imposter Syndrome w/ Olga Zarzeczna

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Nov 1 2022 • 28 mins

Olga Zarzeczna shares her perspective on the recent situation she had to deal with - the theft of her own web content, which got published as someone else's work on Amazon. It’s incredible to hear that it happened and the SEO community rallied behind Olga in extraordinary ways. Women in Tech SEO demonstrated their strength and support when this came to light. Key members in the SEO community also helped Olga navigate her own (unwarranted) imposter syndrome challenges.

Olga shares some important lessons from this experience and advises others who may be silently struggling with confidence. After listening to this account, please reach out if you have time to tell Olga how you feel about her contribution to the SEO industry!

[00:02:47] The Discovery

[00:04:30] The Timeline of Events

[00:06:24] The SEO Community Rallies

[00:07:37] How Could This Happen Today?

[00:09:37] Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

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[00:14:06] The Supportive SEO Community: Women in Tech SEO

[00:15:19] Lessons from SEO Theft

[00:19:37] Try Another Community, But Not SEO!

[00:21:05] Women in Tech SEO

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