533 | News from the EDGE | Week of 09.19.2022

EDGE of the Web - The Best SEO Podcast for Today's Digital Marketer

Sep 21 2022 • 24 mins

Dug into Search Engine Land, Tech Crunch and yes, Bloomberg (the first one on deck) this week. Of course, we couldn’t cover the bloody 5th Product Review Update from Google, as we recorded on Monday. Wow - updates are coming inside of weeks now. Can’t really grab ahold of that unless we go to a daily news show! (Please stop the updates, Google, please!)

Had great fun, as usual, with Mordy and Jacob. Check out the links and let us know how we’re doing at RateThisPodcast.com/Edge!

[00:03:12] Negative reviews can not be changed through incentives to customers

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[00:07:08] Discord-like Messaging coming to Facebook

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[00:09:55] Google and Alphabet antitrust suit regarding ad technology will NOT be thrown out…

[00:14:15] Fast Track 1: Google Drops Article Too Short & Word Count Section From The Search Console Content Errors

[00:16:26] Fast Track 2:Google Promotes Google Lens In Mobile Search

[00:18:34] Fast Track 3: Google Tests Two People Also Ask Results In One Question

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