Ahimsa Choice

Sabrina Joy

Ahimsa is one of the yoga Yamas and means non-violence towards all beings. The Ahimsa Choice Podcast lives at the intersection of wellness and sustainability. This podcast is made for women who want to live a life that is sustainable for both ourselves and the world around us.  We cover every little detail of how to transition to a more non-violent, sustainable and wholesome life. I approach wellness and sustainability from both a personal and environmental angle, giving you the tools not only to get more out of life for yourself but also save the planet while doing so! My goal is to empower women to find peace through meditation and wellness practices and to lead the change to a slow, environmentally focused lifestyle. I'll chat with the women leading the wellness and sustainability movements from business owners to physicians to provide you with all the tools you need to live your most fulfilling, joyful life without leaving a footprint!

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