Working On Wellbeing

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Gather around our virtual campfire to hear the stories of purpose-driven people doing good in the world. All of us have “WOW” moments that change our thinking, force us to pivot our approach, or simply wake us up. In Working on Wellbeing, we’ll meet change agents, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and big thinkers, to learn about their “WOW” moment and how it got them to where they are today. We’ll explore how financial wellbeing contributes to mental and physical health, how people are championing the movement toward more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, and how everyday people build financial resilience in their own lives.

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Introducing Working On Wellbeing
Neil Vaswani: Building Value in Each StepJennifer Gennaro Oxley: Elevating Humanity and Closing the Wealth GapBrandon Hatton: Achieving Generational Wealth and CompassionBrian Coleman: Making Happiness With Total RewardsAmanda Turcotte: Addressing the Problems of the PresentSteve Barha: Earned Wage Access for EveryoneJodi Smith: Financial Insecurity in EntertainmentVivian Greentree: From Veteran to Global CitizenLinda Loof: Small Acts Lead to Big ChangesBruce Huntley: The Human in Human ResourcesMatthew Caldaroni: Resilience is KeyAlice Rodriguez: Closing the Racial Wealth GapSteve Bartlett: Financial Education is PowerAshley Brundage: Using Privilege to Empower OthersIntroducing Working On Wellbeing