Mike Duncan

A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???

Our Editor's Take

"Revolution" is a popular word in the modern world and is often used to describe a variety of attitudes and events. People use it so frequently that it has begun to lose its potency and power. Some might argue it has even lost its meaning. But this podcast does not.

Veteran history podcaster Mike Duncan (from The History of Rome) is the host of Revolutions. He approaches this topic with the thoroughness he is celebrated for. Throughout human history, governments have fallen after dramatic upheavals within society. Revolutions takes deep dives into the world's most momentous political revolutions, from Mexico to Russia and beyond. The podcast examines these world-shaking events' contexts, motivations, and outcomes. It is an immersive look at the well-known, meaningful, and forgotten revolutions that shaped history.

For history lovers and those searching for insight, every episode is engaging. There is much to learn from history, and Revolutions takes a thorough look at some of the most pivotal moments. Humanity is often said to either learn from history or repeat it. Revolutions is an affirmation of the relevance of that statement, even today. Follow along on this journey through history and its parallels today. The stories are compelling, and the lessons are timeless.

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