Bite Size Sales for cybersecurity startups

Andrew Monaghan

Short tips and interviews to get better at your craft as a B2B cybersecurity startup seller and sales leader. Actionable. Impactful.
89: Jeff Lauer CRO at Standard Custody on why CROs don't last longer88: 3 tips to connect better with prospects87: John Mayhall Chief Revenue Officer at CyberGRX on what to do when you take on a new role, at a new company, in a new market86: Your product training is hurting your sales team85: Dan Parelskin, VP WW Sales @ Axis Security on getting the first customers and intentionally creating a sales culture84: 3 ways to improve the effectiveness of your sales deck83: David McKeough, CRO at Trusona talks about being creative in how and when you describe what you do82: 5 steps to ramp new sellers when you have no enablement and no time81: Differentiate by being human with Mark Small, multiple time VP of Sales80: 3 questions to ask to know if you are at the right company78: 5 ways to run a better team meeting77: Set a big goal for your team to rally around76: 3 ways to use ancient philosophy to run your sales team more effectively75: How To Create a Culture of Accountability In Your Sales Team74: How to build your bench73: 4 Steps to follow if you are called a "Micro Manager"72: Top 8 reasons why great sales people leave71: Why you should hire lines not dots (and what the heck that means!)70: The first 3 things a newly promoted manager should do69: Moving from reactive to proactive in hiring