35: Creating a Joyful Life with Janine Aurichio

Things That Keep Us Up At Night

Apr 20 2021 • 31 mins

In today's episode, we're going to talk all about success, wisdom, and the key to a joyful life with Janine Aurichio.

Janine is a joy master intuitive healer, coach, and recovering approval seeker. Her mission is to bring healing to the world by helping women step away from the shoulds in step into their undeniable magnificence. After waking up to the fact that she was living someone else's idea of the dream, she left her prestigious interior design firm and three decades on the management track to answer the call to serve. She started Yes to Yum Life Styling to help women come to know love and trust themselves so that they can unapologetically live their own dream.

Now she works with discouraged and stuck professional women, both one on one and in groups, guiding them on their healing journey to develop intuitive skills, connect with their purpose, and map out a clear vision for their future. A master of transitioner herself, Janine uses her signature formula of beauty, wisdom, purpose, and practice to teach women how to radiate vitality, embrace their purpose and allow for joyful success.


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