19: Grab Your Day by the Horns with Simone Little

Things That Keep Us Up At Night

Dec 15 2020 • 18 mins

Simone Little is a hair salon owner turned Online Business Manager (OBM).  When she discovered her CEO clients were running themselves ragged, she found herself offering advice and strategy on how they can best schedule their days to get things done.  When Simone experienced burnout herself, she decided to stop and really focus on what she loved most about her business…and her business productivity coaching company was born!

In this episode, you will find:

  • Why Simone created a never busy business strategy
  • How planning and scheduling is a benefit to your business
  • The importance of planning your tasks to focus around your energy

Where to find Simone Little:

website: http://thelittlevirtualassistant.com/

email: simone@thelittleva.co

Instagram: @thesimonelittle

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thesimonelittle


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