Episode 21: Red Pilling Not Medical Advice w/ Darrell Becker

The Steg Drew Show

Sep 2 2021 • 1 hr 28 mins

Darrell Becker is a licensed acupuncturist living in Hawaii. He's been a guest on various podcasts since 2012, especially the School Sucks podcast and the Tin Foil Hat show. Darrell was the MKP Community Coordinator for East Hawaii for 2 years and has been very active in the MKP community on the Hawaiian Islands since his NWTA in 2015.

In this conversation, we dive into Voluntaryism, Aliens, The Non-Aggression Principle, Red Pilling, Medicine, and a whirlwind of other goodies. I consider Darrell to be an autodidact and we went on quite the nerd safari!

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