Tea and Terror

Tea And Terror

Tea and Terror is a podcast created by 3 beans in their twenties in their attempt of a comedy podcast that covers all of our favorite types of nightmare fuel.  This podcast was born of our love for True Crime, the Paranormal, and Urban Legends both old and new, and an excuse to meet up every week to talk about it. Join us amateur podcasters every week for tea and nightmare fuel! We're glad you're here with us! So grab some tea and settle in for some spooks and laughs.
Tea and Terror Episode 23: Breakdown in IKEATea and Terror Episode 22: Le DAAAMN VerteTea and Terror Episode 21: Cut the VampiresTea and Terror Episode 20: True Crime: The Mafia was Pro-Gay Rights??Tea And Terror Episode 19: A Bust, A Chair, and a Chulapa are at a BarTea and Terror Episode 18: Together in CopenhagenTea And Terror Episode 17: A Samurai Sword in One Hand, a Penis in the OtherTea And Terror Episode 16: Totally the Next Logical StepTea And Terror Episode 15: Don't Open the Damn BoxTea And Terror Episode 14: Ham & Eggs, with a side of Silver Bullets and Secret TunnelsTea And Terror Episode 13: Email Slinging DasherTea And Terror Episode 12: A Cup of Necrophilia and a Bar of GoldTea And Terror Episode 11: The Real Wenches of Tea and TerrorTea And Terror Episode 10: DnD Road Trip to Lover's LaneTea And Terror Episode 9: Otterly UPSET about the Lost EpisodeTea And Terror Episode 8: Leave the Tits Alone!Tea And Terror Episode 7: I came out here for a cheese board and instead I got cursed?Tea And Terror Episode 6: I too am a Spiteful MermaidTea And Terror Episode 5: Like the Good Christians We AreTea and Terror Episode 4: Simps, Tamales, and Calendar