Get Tucked!

Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary & Sound Talent Media

Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary of Fit For a King takes you on a Metalcore journey you won't forget.
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Welcome to Get Tucked!
Apr 27 2020
1 min
Ep. 61 feat. Adam Cichocki of Gatherers & Timber StudiosEp. 60 feat. Hunter Young of MoodringEp. 59 feat. Hunter & Frankie of Sleep WakerEp. 58 feat. Chris & Drew of UNWELLEp. 57 feat. Jay Webster of UnityTXEp. 56 feat. Will Ramos of Lorna ShoreEp. 55 feat. Salem of Bloodbather/Lexquisite DouleurEp. 54 feat. Jack Bergin of Void Of VisionEp. 53 feat. Matt Andersen of Sound Talent GroupEp. 52 TUCK FLYING SOLO!!!!!Ep. 51 feat. Nik Nocturnal of TerminaEp. 50 feat. Andrew McGuire of AfterlifeEp. 49 feat. JT Cavey of ErraEp. 48 feat. Liam & Bryan of DegraderEp. 47 feat. Joe Occhiuti of Ice Nine Kills/Nova Charisma & Thats Awesome Podcast!Ep. 46 feat. Chris Davis of The Ghost InsideEp. 45 feat. Shawn Keith of Sharptone RecordsEp. 44 feat. Tim Molloy of Our Last NightEp. 43 feat. Telle Smith of The Word AliveEp. 42 feat. Adam Ramey of Dropout Kings