Sparo Today with Rob Sobhani


Sparo Corporation was founded in 2014 to tap into the $4 trillion global online commerce market by offering its patented platforms that marry e-commerce and charitable giving. When you purchase online with our partners, you have the power to donate to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you!

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Where’s the Wealth Vision?
May 10 2022
13 mins
Where’s the Wealth Vision?What’s Sparo’s Win – Win – Win - The Triple Bottom-LineChoice at the Checkout? The Sparo Plug-inHelp Ukrainians: Rob Challenges CorporationsBig Tech and MoralityThe Nuances and Meaning of Charity and Philanthropy in an Age of Wealth DisparityBackstory: Dramatic Origins of SparoVote4Good: Can Sparo’s election prediction game do good?Charity Choices: Can we democratize the shopping checkout experience?Microsoft for Startups: Helping young companies grow and benefit others