13 Days of Halloween

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Season Four: Penance

Without warning, Sayuri has been locked up in the Pendleton Rehabilitation Center, and no one is willing or able to tell her why. Actually, getting any information from her fellow inmates or the labyrinthine bureaucracy that runs the facility seems impossible. But is the Pendleton really a prison, or something else?

Starring Natalie Morales. New episodes air daily from October 19th through Halloween.

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Our Editor's Take

The 13 Days of Halloween podcast entertains listeners with a thrilling thirteen-day experience. Each episode is about fifteen minutes long. They use a 3D sound design to place listeners at the center of each story. Creator Aaron Mahnke asks listeners to bring their headphones while promising to deliver the terror. Aaron is the producer behind the successful podcasts Lore and Bridgewater. He enjoys discussing his passion for folk tales and values their part in today's culture.

New episodes arrive every day starting October 19. The podcast builds up to an exciting final episode on Halloween. The first season began in 2020 with the story of Hawthorne Manor. It's a remote boarding house with unusual guests. The listener becomes the newest arrival to the manor, shown around by the caretaker. Actor Keegan-Michael Key, known for Key & Peele, plays the tour guide.

In each podcast episode, a different resident shares a new and terrifying tale. The third episode transports listeners outside the manor and into "The Garden." The caretaker introduces listeners to Annie, who shares her story. When a drop of her blood falls into her cupcake mixture, Annie can't help but continue mixing it for her guests. The moment they start to eat, everything escalates toward a chilling conclusion. Other episodes tour the orchard and the attic before the final destination on Halloween. What will this last part of the house reveal?

The 2023 podcast season "Penance" stars Natalie Morales. Listeners may know her for directing the film Plan B or her role in Parks and Recreation. Natalie plays Sayuri, who finds herself locked up in a rehab center, not knowing why. She struggles to source information from anyone. What is Sayuri guilty of? Can she escape? What secrets is Pendleton Rehabilitation Center hiding?

The 13 Days of Halloween podcast combines expert sound design with intriguing storylines. Each episode reveals new secrets as the story leads to an exciting conclusion. With Halloween as the final day, it's a great way for listeners to celebrate in spooky style.

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