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Shawn Aaron

This podcast aims to serve as a platform to highlight and amplify the voices of trans men of color and share our transition stories. The Dem Bois Podcast will also cover other issues related to being a trans man of color, such as dating, fitness, sex, mental health, family, and other topics related to our existence. The podcast aims to amplify trans men of color voices and raise awareness of our lived experiences.

Why and How I Transitioned
Jun 15 2022
Why and How I Transitioned
Hey guys! I’m Shawn Aaron and I am the host of Dem Bois Podcast. When I was sixteen I came out to my mom as a lesbian. I identified as a masculine-centered woman and up until that point, I had never met anyone who identified as transgender. It wasn’t until years later, when I hired a body-building trainer, who happened to be a trans man, that the thought even crossed my mind. Meeting him made me really look at myself and question myself, and gravitate toward who I wanted to be. In this episode of Dem Bois Podcast, I share more details on my transition journey. I talk about why I transitioned and the steps I took to get here.I share about:My humble queer beginnings - 00:16The body-building journey that led to my transition journey - 02:36How I started thinking about transitioning - 05:19How my family reacted to my decision - 06:31And my physical transition timeline - 07:52Click here for transcript.Read more about me in my bio below:Shawn Aaron is the Founder and Executive Director of Dem Bois Inc. Shawn is a strong believer that trans men of color should have access to gender-affirming care and surgeries regardless of their economical status. Shawn is passionate about addressing intersectionality when it comes to one’s gender identity and access to non-bias healthcare. Shawn identifies as trans-masculine and understands the importance of accessing transition-related care. Shawn served as Co-Executive Director within a QTBIPOC organization that pushed the envelope on how to address the issues of gender within communities of color. Shawn also served as the Fundraising Coordinator where he raised over $300K that helped to advance financial literacy programs for 125 young QTBIPOC leaders. And Shawn helped to fund mental health wellness clinics for QTBIPOC leaders during the pandemic. He is a photographer, and he loves to spend his free time reading books, working out at the gym, designing art using up-cycled bottles, and being a father to his son. LinkedIn @shawn-aaronIG @transfit_lifestyle and @demboisinc YouTube Dem Bois IncEpisode References:@iriskyle @kaigreene