From Rags to Riches in 1 Year: Unlock Your True Potential with Speaker and Best-Selling Author Jim Britt

From Adversity to Abundance

Jun 6 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

From 15 cents in his pocket to a millionaire in one year, Jim Brit shares his discovery of the core belief system that keeps us stuck and how to overcome it.

In this episode, you will be inspired and motivated to:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs to unlock unparalleled achievement.
  • Develop a resilient attitude with six key mindset practices.
  • Embark on a journey of introspection and substantiated decision making.
  • Nourish your thought process and cultivate pathways to success.
  • Channel the energy of intention and visualization to attain your dreams.

Meet the inspiring Jim Britt, a seasoned professional speaker and founder of Cracking the Rich Code. With an astonishing 44 years of experience, Jim has captivated audiences across 30 countries, helping them break free from limiting beliefs. His expertise lies in assisting people to uncover and detach from the core beliefs that hinder their success. Despite coming from a humble background, Jim has built a thriving career as an entrepreneur and has positively impacted countless lives through his transformative coaching. Jim was mentored by Jim Rohn and his best-selling book Cracking the Rich Code was endorsed by Tony Robbins.

“If you want change in your life, if you want something better, if you want to earn more money, if you're an entrepreneur, the first thing you have to have is a desire to change. And that's got to be a burning desire, not just a passing thing that, well, one day I'm going to do this. I'm talking about that burning desire.”

“And what I learned is that if you want to accomplish something more than what you already have, you've got to do something more than who you are. In other words, every life level, every business level, every income level requires a different you, requires a different mindset. You see, it's a different mindset to go buy a Chevy Vega versus Lamborghini.”

Six (6) Elements that are Central to the Mindset of Becoming Successful:

1.    Have a deep desire to change

2.    Make a decision

3.    Take action

4.    Being willing to feel uncomfortable, being willing to step out of that comfort zone and become somebody different

5.    Learn to let go

6.    The resourceful to source, to love. Source equals love, and then love is what creates that passion, which really kind of starts the process all over again

Adversities Jim had to overcome:

· Raised in a poor family

· Was forced to work at an early age (as early as six years old)

· Had to go through 23 different banks for a $4000 loan to be approved

· Experienced home foreclosure, repossessed both vehicles, no food on the table and only had 15 cents on his pocket -- all these with having a wife and a child

Abundance Jim created:

· Successful professional speaker for 44 years

· Best-selling author of several books

· Established coaching career for about 40 years

· Became a millionaire in just 1 year

Lessons from Jim’s adversities

· Discovering we all have a core belief about ourselves that acts as an anchor that keeps us stuck. And sometimes we have a core belief that moves us forward as well. He focuses on the ones that keep us stuck. (And the problem with it is people don't know that they have it.)

Decision - committing to the goal

Committing to a goal is a pivotal step in the journey towards success. Once a clear objective has been identified, it is essential to make a firm decision to achieve it. This commitment acts as a guiding force and keeps individuals focused on their goals even in the face of adversity. Strong decision-making skills are vital for all entrepreneurs, as they help to streamline actions and prioritize resources in support of the desired outcome. Jim Britt highlighted the significance of commitment throughout his conversation with Jamie Bateman. He shared how unwavering dedication and determination played a key role in his ability to achieve extraordinary results, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Jim emphasized that successful individuals must leave no room for doubt, excuses, or escape routes once they have made a decision. By adopting this mindset, they can overcome obstacles and stay on course towards achieving their goals.

Being Resourceful - finding a source of love from which to build your success

Resourcefulness is a valuable quality for entrepreneurs, enabling them to harness their creativity, ingenuity, and adaptability. By leveraging available resources, whether financial, human, or intellectual, and drawing on a foundation of love and belief in oneself, individuals are better equipped to find solutions to problems and forge new pathways toward success. This mindset fosters a sense of abundance and possibility that propels entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. In his podcast appearance, Jim Britt emphasized the importance of being resourceful on one's journey to success. He shared how his own belief in his abilities and aspirations enabled him to access resources and support, which facilitated his rise from humble beginnings to notable accomplishments. Furthermore, Jim stressed the importance of surrounding oneself with a network of loving, supportive people, as this nurtures a positive environment where resourcefulness can thrive. By cultivating resourcefulness and harnessing the power of love, individuals can propel themselves towards success with determination and resolve.

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