#47 - Innovative Wealth Strategies: From Life Insurance to Alternative Investing with Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie

Passive Income Pilots

Jan 6 2024 • 50 mins

On this episode of Passive Income Pilots, Tait and Ryan interview Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie.

Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie from Money Insights Group join Tait in a riveting discussion about stepping off the beaten path of traditional investing and venturing into the world of max-funded cash value life insurance and real estate. They illustrate how the 'invest with benefits' philosophy caters to individual financial needs and integrates core wealth accumulation areas.

Christian Allen, CEO of Money Insights, established the firm in 2014 to empower high-income earners to expedite wealth growth, refine investment strategies, and transition from high-income to high net worth. An advocate for entrepreneurship, he thrives on aiding others. Beyond finance, he finds joy in pickleball, sports spectating, and cherishing moments with his family.

Rod Zabriskie is the Managing Partner and COO at a financial services firm. He has worked in the financial services industry since 2009, after spending a decade working in small businesses for others. Rod holds an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and an undergraduate degree in Marketing Communications.

Enjoy the show!

Show notes:
(0:00) Intro
(4:40) Transitioning from traditional to alternative investment
(7:28) How they started their business and the six core benefits
(12:50) Whole life or universal life insurance
(15:16) Borrowing against insurance policy vs. stock account
(18:32) Utilizing cash value life insurance
(20:43) IUL vs whole life insurance
(31:45) How much cash flow do you need
(36:08) Asset protection
(41:50) Tax benefits
(42:47) Finding the amount of passive income you need
(48:52) How to connect with Christian and Rod
(49:44) Outro

Connect with Christian and Rod:
Website: https://moneyinsightsgroup.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW0fBokwg09-2H2kXWK5Zfw


Reach out to the hosts:
Email: passiveincomepilots@gmail.com

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