#33 - Mortgages, Refinancing, and Home Buying with Expert David Temko

Passive Income Pilots

Aug 22 2023 • 51 mins

On this episode of Passive Income Pilots, Tait and Ryan interview David Temko.

David Temko is the President of C2 Financial, where he spearheads a highly skilled team committed to optimizing the value of C2 Financial loan officers, who serve as comprehensive real estate and financial experts. David is pivotal to the company's continued growth as the #1 Mortgage Broker in the nation with his dedication to quality. Before C2, David contributed significantly to southern California's Wells Fargo Commercial & Business Banking Group. He is a respected mortgage executive with extensive experience in commercial loans, sales, leasing, and banking.

David discusses the impact of rising interest rates on the housing market and exploring opportunities despite higher rates. He talks about the benefits of buying now, the importance of considering tax benefits and potential appreciation, and the value of working with a mortgage broker like C2. David touches on refinancing, utilizing home equity, and the significance of local banks and credit unions. Overall, he stresses the value of real estate and the need to rely on experts for informed decisions.

Enjoy the show!

Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[2:58] Less inventory and homeowners staying put due to low interest rates
[3:36] Shift from underdevelopment to infill and existing homes, then to commercial brokerage
[9:07] Learning from experience and finding specialists
[13:48] Analyzing rent vs. buy decision and calculating costs
[16:00] Long-term mortgage strategies and anticipated interest rate trends
[18:29] The risk of rising interest rates
[20:24] Costs of refinancing, and understanding interest rates and loan percentages
[23:27] Utilizing HELOCs to consolidate debt and reduce interest rates
[27:04] Blended interest rates, benefits in construction projects, and working with a mortgage broker
[29:14] Uncertainty in banks and lending practices
[32:23] Importance of matching complexity with the right mortgage broker
[34:18] Pre-approval vs. pre-qualification
[36:22] Expertise and long-term experience in the business
[39:02] Understanding the factors that affect mortgage rates
[41:08] Potential impact of interest rate changes on housing demand
[44:30] Affordability driving people out of California into metropolitan areas
[47:23] Importance of local banks and small businesses in the economy
[49:11] Empowering homeowner

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