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Welcome to the Nana Yaa Yeboaa Show. I started this journey a few years back. My love for stories, inspiration and innovation drives me to seek out individuals from all corners of the world who are making social impact in their own way. The intention of this show is to inspire and motivate. I bring to you real-life experiences and challenges, finding ways to navigate challenges, tapping into the source, and keeping true to your authentic self. I interview people who have transformed their lives, learning from their experiences to adapt and live authentically. STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE !I am a nurse by profession , an individual who sees humanity in all aspects. I am a writer and storyteller, a collector of experiences and I share them with viewers to show that you are never alone. Like// share// subscribe to my channel for more engaging videos on life and transformation. #Inspiration and #Motivation talk show and podcast.#nurseblogger #motivation #inspiration #relationships

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How Kasharo a Congolese woman is giving Hope in the CONGO  #congo #education #drc
Jul 3 2023
How Kasharo a Congolese woman is giving Hope in the CONGO #congo #education #drc
I was introduced to Kasharo through a Keyan sister. I was on my quest to do nursing in the developing world. She said she has someone that needs the skills and expertise I am offering. That was the beginning of this sisterhood and my intrigue into the survivors of war. Through conversations with Kasharo, the founder and executive of Helping Hands for Survivors Inc. DRC, I have understood the magnitude of Rape on the female body. Rape is not an everyday occurrence but a weapon of war to destroy women and communities. The extent and brutality of the rape are unfathomable. Rape victims are as young as 8-year-olds. their bodies destroyed and by extension their futures. The brutality of it all is the instruments of rape and gang rape.  Due to this and the war, women have lost a sense of their purpose in life and living. Thus, having an overall impact on society. Having seen this sense of worthlessness, Kasharo decided to do something about it, thus creating an organization that cares for these women and children through its various programs. My sit down with Kasharo also delved into the rape of African resources and by extension its land and women. A connection many of us do not see. The problem with the Congo is not only one of civil war, the silent war rape of women- is hardly talked about. These women have no voice and no say in their bodies, women and girls become victims of historical and patriarchal views of women and by extension abuse. Welcome! My name is Nana Yaa Yeboaa. My intention with the Nana Yaa Yeboaa Show on this YouTube Channel is to introduce you to everyday people and ideas that will help you transform your life and help you live to your full potential.My utmost interest lies in storytelling, the power of story to mobilize, transform, educate, motivate and inspire.I search for stories of impact from everyday people to share with you. Through these interviews, I have learned a lot and I hope you will as well.Subscribe to this channel if you want to keep up to date with content.LINKSWebsite: www.philjoemultimedia.comYouTube:
Writing the stories you want to read: A conversation with Nigerian author Olufunmilola Adeniran
Jul 29 2023
Writing the stories you want to read: A conversation with Nigerian author Olufunmilola Adeniran
Beautiful stories are being written and told across the world. The black voice in Africa will not be left behind. In recent times, if you follow my writings and conversations on the podcast or YouTube, you will realize that Africa is emerging as a powerhouse of storytellers. from its script writers to novels. All these stories are situated in an African context for the African reader. An emerging and imaginative group of creatives is feeding the appetites of African readers. I believe this is the generation that reads for leisure and not only text books. A demand for the African voice by these authors has equally created a niche in which the stories they yearn to read are being written by themselves. Feyi Aina is a beautiful author yet to be known around the world. a hidden gem. My conversations with her provided an insight into the woman , author, and wife.  From the biography on her website, it states, "Olufunmilola Adeniran writes as Feyi Aina, a poet and a novelist crafting inspirational women’s fiction. She is the author of Saving Onome, Love’s Indenture, and Love Happens Eventually, and she is also the winner of the RWOWA Author of the Year Award 2019.She has a few short stories in several anthologies, and her short story ‘’The River God’ was featured in Brittle Paper in 2017.When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and scouring the net for ancient history on arts, culture, and civilization.Olufunmilola is married with children and practices privately as a physiotherapist in Lagos, Nigeria."Nigeria, the home of Nollywood, is also, from my observation, the home of the majority of these storytellers. A begging industry that has the potential, if Africans are to consume their own products, to be a huge industry. There are challenges, of course. These include the quality of the writing , and the biggest of them all, having access to traditional publishers. The indie publishing houses are beginning to create space and a place of belonging for these authors, which makes their works accessible to many.Support the