Freedom & Captivity

Catherine Besteman

The Freedom & Captivity Podcast presents conversations with people at the forefront of abolitionist organizing and visioning in Maine. A new episode is launched weekly during fall 2021. The episodes will cover a broad range of issues, from abolition’s history in Maine to current calls to end youth incarceration; from alternatives to punishment that prioritize harm reduction and a different approach to drug policy to the impact on families of the criminal legal system; from the disproportionate policing experiences by Black and brown people to the use of surveillance to monitor political dissent. The Portland Media Center sponsors the podcast, which is produced by Catherine Besteman, edited by sound engineers Josh Riddle and Dino Raymond, and accompanied by the music of Samuel James. Learn more about Freedom & Captivity at freedomandcaptivity.org

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Immigrant Detention and Deportation
Immigrant Detention and DeportationConfronting SurveillanceAbolition From Within? On abolitionist possibilities within the criminal legal system“We are the Revolution:” Black P.O.W.E.R’s vision.‘We’re Creating the Next Generation of Broken People’: Parenting and Prison‘Finding Our Courage’: Alternatives to Incarceration for Addressing HarmAlternatives to Incarceration: Drug Policy‘Why Do We Need To Be Punishing People?’: Abolitionist Feminism and the Last Girl‘Prisons Don’t Actually Fix Anything:’ Ending Youth Incarceration‘Love is What the Transformation’s Got to Be:’ On Accountability and Punishment‘Let Us Not Flatter Ourselves’: Abolition’s History