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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
6d ago
Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
Podcast: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality   What’s your true purpose?  Free Quiz by visiting https://elevatelifeproject.com/purpose    If you liked this Podcast, please subscribe and write us a review.  This is what helps us stand out, so more people can find this show.  To Write us a Review please open up this Podcast in the your app  on your computer and search for Living Life on Purpose https://elevatelifeproject.com/podcast Shote Notes   Show Notes: Introduction: Our host Michael discusses how having dreams and visions is the easy part, but making them a reality can be more challenging.He offers hope by sharing that there are proven techniques that can help turn your dreams into reality. Main Segment: Turn your dream into a goal:Michael emphasizes the importance of setting a deadline and measurable plan for your goals.He provides an example of a measurable goal with a deadline. Prioritize your goal daily:Michael encourages listeners to read and write their goal each day to keep it at the forefront of their minds. Make a list of negative associations:Michael acknowledges that negative associations can hinder progress toward achieving your goals.He suggests making a list of these associations and finding ways to work around them. Make a list of all the positives:Michael encourages listeners to envision the positive outcomes of achieving their goals.He suggests making a list of all the positives and using it to stay motivated. Identify what you need:Michael recommends making a list of what you need to make your goal a reality, such as a special license, a laptop, or knowledge.He advises figuring out how to acquire these resources. Catalog your available resources:Michael emphasizes that achieving difficult goals often requires help and guidance.He suggests looking at the list made in step 5 and identifying resources that are already available. Track your progress:Michael stresses the importance of tracking progress to make continued progress and adjust approaches. Conclusion: Michael summarizes the steps to turn your dreams into reality and emphasizes the importance of following the recipe for success.He invites listeners to join the Living Life ON Purpose Community for extra motivation and accountability in achieving their goals. Outro: Michael encourages listeners to learn more about the Living Life ON Purpose Community and reminds them that change is possible with the right tools and support.