Deciphering Customer Desires: From Insights to Brand Promise Delivery

Revenue Rehab

Aug 30 2023 • 36 mins

This week our host Brandi Starr is joined by Jim Combs, Vice President of Experience Strategy & Research at Human Spark.

As VP of Experience Strategy & Research at Human Spark, Jim leads development and integration of digital and traditional brands, products, services, and marketing for global Fortune 1000 companies.

Jim is one of those rare individuals who lives and breathes at the experience design intersection of creative, business, and technology.  He has over 25 years of experience leading successful teams and global, strategic-level initiatives for clients including Philips Healthcare, 3M, Cox Communications, AT&T, UPS, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, IHG, Verizon Wireless, Marriott, The WK Kellogg Foundation, Kimberly-Clark, Equifax, Universal Music, Rounder Records, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, the American Cancer Society, and Macy's.

Prior to Human Spark, Jim served as Experience Director for T3 in Atlanta, Georgia, and has previously held executive positions with Slalom Consulting, WebMD, Moxie Interactive, Sapient, and IBM.

He started his career in the music business as a marketing and sales lead for CBS Records in the heyday of vinyl records before leaving after five years when CDs were released to be a pioneer in new media, eCommerce, and enterprise digital transformation. He continues to compose, record, release, and perform his own music which can be heard on radio and streaming channels around the world.

Jim holds a Master's Degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism: Radio, TV, Film.

On the couch in this weeks’ episode, Brandi and Jim will tackle Deciphering Customer Desires: From Insights to Brand Promise Delivery.


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