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Integration Testing - The Why and How - .NET 157
Sep 19 2023
Integration Testing - The Why and How - .NET 157
We talk to Martin Costello - a .NET developer with a QA background - about integration testing. We walk through the different types of automated testing and discuss the benefits and purpose for each type.Martin introduces us to useful tools he uses to write tests within the .NET ecosystem and discusses what we should and shouldn't be testing as well as the metrics that are important when evaluating how well tested your code is.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateRaygun - Application Monitoring For Web & Mobile AppsBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipLinksIntegration Testing Techniques for ASP.NET CoreReliably Testing HTTP Integrations in a .NET Application 1Writing Logs to xunit Test OutputIntegration testing AWS Lambda C# Functions with Lambda Test ServerIntegration Testing ASP.NET Core Resources Protected with Antiforgery Using Application PartsGitHub - coverlet-coverage/coverlet: Cross platform code coverage for .NETGitHub - martincostello/sqllocaldb: SQL LocalDB Wrapper is a .NET library providing interop with the Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB Instance APIGitHub - justeat/httpclient-interception: A .NET Standard library for intercepting server-side HTTP dependenciesGitHub - martincostello/xunit-logging: Logging extensions for xunitGitHub - martincostello/lambda-test-server: A NuGet package that provides an in-memory test server for testing AWS Lambda functionsGitHub - martincostello/dotnet-minimal-api-integration-testing: An example of integration testing ASP.NET Core 6 Minimal hosting and actionsTwitter: Martin Costello ( @martin_costello )PicksMartin- What We Do in the ShadowsShawn- Introducing Your Seattle KrakenWai- Young Sheldon (Official Site) Watch on CBSSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out: