SZN: 3 EP: 5 ~ Live 2/17/22

Look Who‘s Ranting Now

Feb 21 2022 • 2 hrs 21 mins

Tonight we covered: (3:05) #TrendingTopics ~ A Bartender That Was Robbed Then Asked By His Employer To Do The Unthinkable!!?? (7:59) #TrendingTopics ~ A 'Swatting' Incident That Ended With One Person Dead, And Another Serving 20+ Years For Murder!!??  (15:08) #TrendingTopics ~ Trial Results For The Waffle House Shooter!!?? (18:30) #Debate ~ Depression: Is there An Overuse Of The Word? (26:10) #SlapOrCap ~ A Man Is As Faithful As His Options!!?? (38:54) #Debate ~ Should Men And Women Take Advice About The Opposite Sex From The Opposite Sex?? (49:15) #SlapOrCap ~ Women Put Men In The Friend Zone Because Of A Lack Of Masculine Energy, And Too Available!!?? (60:55) #SlapOrCap ~ A Women That Like A Man, Changes The Rules On Him!!?? (70:40) #SlapOrCap ~  Men Can't Have A Nice Thought About A Woman, Without Having A Nasty One As Well!!??

Shout Out to my guests tonight: Chef Magic, Killa Mike, RazzMan, and our Amazing Producer Mr. Boom! Congratulations to LikaBug for winning the $10 CashApp Random Trivia! A SPECIAL THANKS to the AMAZING LISTENERS for putting this show into the TOP 25% OF PODCASTS!! Be a part of the fun every week Live on Thursday Nights @ 8:30 PM CST via PodBean. And Available EVERYWHERE You Get Your Podcasts! #TrendingTopics #Swatting #Bartender #SlapOrCap #Depression #Faithful #Sex #Masculinity #Women #Men #Trivia #RantingTime #Live