Ep 11: Our ET Origins: Paul Wallis Books

Star Family Wisdom

Apr 12 2022 • 50 mins

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In this episode Jenna reviews one of her recent reads, Escaping From Eden by Paul Anthony Wallis. Paul has become a well known public speaker and author for his take on ancient texts, and specifically the theory of Paleo contact - or ancient Aliens. Paul’s work takes us through the creation accounts of Genesis, the Popol Vuh, the Sumerian Tablets, along with references to many other world mythologies and origin stories that point to a very different version of human history. It’s with curiosity and hope for our future, that we delve into the potential misunderstandings that have led to the traumas that have been experienced on planet Earth. Jenna also shares a clip of her past life regression, which interestingly enough corroborates Paul’s theories about our origin stories… Jenna’s regression was recorded in 2020, prior to reading any of Paul’s work, and prior to her developing a deeper understanding of our human origins.

| Paul Anthony Wallis |

► Website | https://paulanthonywallis.com

| Show References |

►Episode 4: Spirituality, and UFOs in the Bible with Michael J.S. Carter: https://youtu.be/7LOFARPUEWo

►Escaping Eden: Paul Anthony Wallis

►Scars of Eden: Paul Anthony Wallis

►Echoes of Eden: Paul Anthony Wallis

►Popol Vuh

►Sumerian Tablets; Sumerian’s Kings List

►The Bible

| Listen to Clips of Jenna’s Regression |

►Clip 1 (referenced in Episode 3) | https://youtu.be/yx0OzVB7stY

►Clip 2 (referenced in Episode 3) | https://youtu.be/tj1tbIoH5HI

►Clip 3 (played in Episode 11) | https://youtu.be/AKYkkVtu5jI

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