Giving Up

Creatives Crushing Anxiety

Aug 25 2020 • 22 mins

I am officially back from summer hiatus and I am giving up! No not the podcast, not ditching the business to work at Pizza Hut. But I’m giving up on things that no longer serve me. During my Summer podcasting break I had a lot of time to reflect. 2020 has been a bit of a beast so far in a number of ways. Personally with making the shift into coaching, working with some new amazing partnerships and really focusing on what I want in my life. Globally, we have been balancing a new life during the covid area, continuous systematic racism and uncertain times.

It’s been a lot, for all of us. That's why right now I want to focus on living in my truth and doing the things that feel good and aligned with the person I am becoming. I’m giving up doing things because I should. Don’t should all over yourself. I’m giving up the obligations so I can embrace my desires and own my responsibilities.