Zitlau Valley Farm, L&L Meats and Michele Coleman – King Lear and his dogs

Ag Proud - Idaho Podcast

Apr 4 2022 • 21 mins

Here’s a breakdown of this podcast:

(1) Zitlau Valley Farm - Zitlau Valley Farm in Bonneville County achieved century farm designation, after 100 years of working hard and being willing to adjust their revenue streams to keep more family members involved – including now members of the fourth generation.

(2) L&L Meats in Homedale, Idaho, stays busy as a mobile butchering business – and it’s even mobile enough to go as far as Alaska for a few weeks and help with cattle harvest there.

(3) Farm dogs can be fickle – you think they’re loyal and then someone starts ordering them around and suddenly you’re knocked off the top spot. Or someone comes out with steak bones to share, and suddenly you’re just sinew and hide. But don’t worry – they’ll come around. Michele Coleman shares her farm dog saga, reinforcing the belief that old dogs can learn new tricks.