The case for a smaller cow, the moving target of risk management, training stock dogs and tribute to the stock dogs of Idaho ranches

Ag Proud - Idaho Podcast

Mar 21 2022 • 27 mins

Here’s a breakdown of the articles we’ve featured in this podcast:

(1) Against industry norms, one ranch now focuses on producing a smaller cow, to increase feed efficiency in a range environment. Backed by research, 1,200-pound cows wean heavier calves than 1,400-pound cows, and they share their experiences.

(2) Crop input costs, rotations and water expectations – these make crop production always a moving target. But the only information growers have is today’s news – not tomorrow’s or next week’s. Clark Johnston, from JC Management guides us in this next article (titled Grain markets: The moving target of risk management) to determine which risk mitigation tools to use.

(3) Bancroft rancher Steven Wight trains stock dogs and competes in national competitions. The problem is, Wight says, “When you get a good finished dog, it’s tough to let them go.” Freelancer Julia McCarthy shares some of Wight’s training tips.

(4) Stock dogs – I’ll bet you can name every stock dog you’ve ever had – the trained ones, the knotheads, the chicken chasers and the tire biters. In his column this month, Paul Marchant pays tribute to the loyal ranch canines he’s shared with his family.