Ag Proud - Idaho Podcast

Lynn Jaynes

Ag Proud – Idaho presents all agriculture, all Idaho, all the time – a podcast to bring you an audio version of the magazine. Our host brings the latest industry talk to your tractor, pickup cab or wherever you listen. Potatoes, livestock, dairy, hay, sugarbeets and many of the other 85 crops grown in this diverse state, along with humor columnists, water reports and more, are discussed in each episode. So throw your shovel in the back, grab a water jug and come along for the ride.

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Why Ag Proud – Idaho?
May 24 2021
7 mins
3 Idaho producers shed some light on their water outlookPotato sniffing dogs, grain teff, what’s in a name and “honestly compelling”Planter technology – we’ve come a long way babyZitlau Valley Farm, L&L Meats and Michele Coleman – King Lear and his dogsFarm revenue opportunities with Radley BuxtonIdaho Jackpot Show SeriesBiofiltro research on an Idaho dairyThe case for a smaller cow, the moving target of risk management, training stock dogs and tribute to the stock dogs of Idaho ranchesAutomatic teat sprayer development, Idaho’s Hispanic agricultural employee survey and The last woman in America still wearing nylonsTuff-bilt tractors, Ag stress and mental health, God’s tender merciesBeyond the Ring livestock shows and pink checksHeat affects pregnancy rates, a new invasive insect, and “Could I have been wrong?”Rural connectivity, a meat ministry in Salmon, and Michele Coleman’s Christmas listParlor to retail, the art of farm taxes, CREP, and All the glory ends up on the laundry room floorFarm trash, Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef Co-op, Grain Craft, and Hoosiers and Pea EyeC&L Locker, J3 Dairy, shipping fever and Wipe Your Feet columnist Michele Coleman
Nov 8 2021
30 mins
2B Land and Livestock LLC, selling carbon credits, Doc Geary and “don’t forget your rope”Steinmann seed potatoes, negotiation in agriculture, and apple pie and donkey basketball1,000 Springs Mill, R-Ag Inc., Silver Creek Seed, and Irons in the FireReviewing the cow-calf model, Grand Teton Ancient Grains, All about aphids, growing corn