Who Killed Captain Alex? (The movies on!)

The Reel Show

Aug 14 2021 • 32 mins

The Movie’s On! The Movie’s On! The Movie’s On! It’s time to leap into the world of Wakaliwood, Uganda, with Uganda’s first ever action-packed movie, Who Killed Captan Alex. The Reel Guys talk all things about the making of and behind the scenes facts about this 85 dollar international success, spawned from internet memes and an infamous trailer. Everybody in Uganda knows Kung-Fu - and Captain Alex is Uganda’s best soldier, a hero hired to take down the evil Tiger Mafia who run Kampala with an iron fist. Alex and his team of crack Ugandan Commandos are on a mission to arrest or kill the Mafia leader, Richard, and capture his men, like a Russian mercenary and a man called Puffs. Who Killed Captain Alex is the movie, and it’s the first VJ in English, as local comedian Emmie provides commentary over the insane spectacle of blood, ‘supa’ action and rapid gunfire. It’s non-stop deadly actions with Kung-Fu that is both super tough and super deadlier. Bruce U does not need wings to fly, on is da movie and this is serious! This is a wild one, folks, but expect the unexpectable!