224. Pursue Your Own Version of Success, with Leslie Kuster

Imperfectly Ambitious | Mindset & Strategy for Women in Business

Jun 23 2022 • 35 mins

It's never too late, you aren't too old, you aren't too young... You get to define was success looks like for you.

In this episode, we're talking about how Leslie completely changed her trajectory, and created the life and business of her dreams.

We talk about some of the key things that she did to shift her trajectory, which are also inclued in her new book (links below). These are powerful concepts that you can apply to both life and business as well.

Leslie's message is that it's never too late to create success, financial wealth, and a life of freedom. Leslie took her clothing brand, Back from Bali, from $50,000 a year in annual revenue to multiple seven figures in annual revenue. At a point in life when so many women begin to give up on their goals and dreams, Leslie says, "You're just getting started"----if you choose and want it.


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