How to improve your English skills for your business as a founder

Friendlily Coach | Business English Podcast | مدرب إنجليزي

Nov 24 2023 • 19 mins

I used to think about how to improve my business English skills. I didn't know that it was easy to develop strong English skills to grow my business outside my country. I couldn't speak English well and I had no confidence in speaking English with clients from the USA and UK. No matter how hard I tried to listen to them, I couldn't understand them. Just because of the way they pronounced words and their accents.  I thought I was a failure because I couldn't even say what I had in mind. I felt bad and didn't know what to do. I knew I couldn't continue doing business that way, so I started speaking up during meetings. It was hard for me, but my confidence started growing bigger every day. Just like me, many Middle Eastern founders who are trying to improve their English skills find it hard to say what they have in mind. You don't have the confidence to say your ideas in English during meetings. At times, you think that you are not good enough to grow your business outside your country. The good news is: - You can grow your business outside of your country. - You can build your confidence to help you say what you have in mind during meetings. - You can develop strong English skills for your business. Use the tips to learn how to improve your English skills for your business. I can help you. Get the 7 fast ways that can help you improve your weak business English skills.  Go to and tap on "free business English tips". 🔴• Need more free time, error-free business documents, business contracts & 100% privacy? Premium English proofreading and editing of your top-secret business documents. DM: PROOFREAD. Go to and tap on WhatsApp to DM "PROOFREAD". 🔴• VIP Middle Eastern founders, when you are ready to grow your businesses worldwide with strong business English skills within eight months. DM "1-on-1".   Go to and tap on WhatsApp to DM "1-on-1". 🔴 To support me, buy me coffee or donate monthly.  Go to and tap on "Support Me". THANKS ONCE AGAIN SEE YOU NEXT WEEK --- Send in a voice message: