How to express yourself well in English during meetings?

Friendlily Coach | Business English Podcast | مدرب إنجليزي

Nov 3 2023 • 16 mins

Tips to help you express yourself in English with confidence during meetings. You prepare so well to say what you have in mind in English during meetings. No matter what you do, you don't have the confidence to talk. You can build up strong confidence to express yourself well in English during meetings. Just as a car needs regular care. You need to use these tips every time. To build strong confidence in expressing yourself in English. Middle Eastern founders use the tips during every meeting. Developing strong business English skills does not have to be hard for you. I can help you. 9 out of 10 Middle Eastern founders who contacted me lost deals because of their weak English skills. Get the 7 fast ways that can help you improve your weak business English skills.  Go to and tap on "free business English tips". 🔴• Need more free time, error-free business documents, business contracts & 100% privacy? Premium English proofreading and editing of your top-secret business documents. DM: PROOFREAD. Go to and tap on WhatsApp to DM "PROOFREAD". 🔴• VIP Middle Eastern founders, when you are ready to grow your businesses worldwide with strong business English skills within eight months. DM "1-on-1".   Go to and tap on WhatsApp to DM "1-on-1". 🔴 To support me, buy me coffee or donate monthly.  Go to and tap on "Support Me". THANKS ONCE AGAIN SEE YOU NEXT WEEK --- Send in a voice message:

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