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This is the Kind Community Show, where we share and celebrate stories of founders, activists and influencers committed to climate positivity. Here, we demonstrate how collaboration can help make the sustainable, attainable. Kind.Community is a platform to empower us to join together to co-create a sustainable future. Have something to share? We would love to hear from you. Apply via our website. www.kind.community
Sustainability Through The Lenses of Pala Eyewear - John Pritchard founder of Pala EyewearRestructuring the cleanup of plastic - rePurpose Global co-founder Svanika BalasubramanianRaising heroic young leaders for environmental change - Be The Future founders Sally Giblin and Helen Hill
Nov 19 2021
38 mins
Going slow to go fast with Jen Rooney founder of The Wellbeing TortoiseBuilding A Village Based on Human Potential. Dominique Sinagra Founder of The Village CharityBamboo: the future of sustainable clothing? Ryan Shannon, managing director of BAM Bamboo Clothing | Episode 40Positive peer pressure into positive climate action - Sam Naef founder of The Climate App - Episode 39Helping everyday people live planet positive - With Jacob Wedderburn-Day Co Founder of TreepointsUncovering Sustainability strategies with Leone Founder of Followings the FootprintsCatching waves in the fashion industry with Juliet Shepherd, founder of ULU Swim and SurfLesser-known parts of climate-positivity with Isaias HernandezJoin The Club with Safia Qureshi - Founder of Club ZeroInclusive change-making with Alita FabianoCooking up change - With Joana Sureh Founder of Cook to CareSustainable shopping made accessible with  Nohelia Rambal - Founder of GoodfindLiving your best sustainable life with Tyla LockwoodAnimals and the Planet with Geraldine Starke founder of Refarm'dGlobal change starts at home With Alice Ojeda - Co-Founder of Authentic HouseReconnecting with nature - Chris Desai founder of The Vayyu and UOceanMaking Clever Carbon Decisions with Michelle Li founder of Clever Carbon