Shining a Light on The Joy of Learning with Dandan Liu

The Creative Kind Show

Apr 21 2022 • 57 mins

Dandan Liu is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and established course creator in her own entrepreneurial pathway. She's worked on Netflix shows like Chef's Kitchen and is currently living in Austria. I first learned about Dandan from taking her Skillshare course on lighting in filmmaking and learning about the best way to work together.

I'm excited to share this new episode where we go into our work together of late and her new online course Unravel, which helps people in the film sector find their voice. We talk about the joy of letting go, finding your inner creativity, dealing with setbacks, focus, and so much more. This is an awesome hour packed extended episode full of useful knowledge on lighting and filmmaking as well. Let's go in with this incredible insight into life!

I hope you enjoy the episode. 👌

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