Creating a Multi-Media Collective with Dexter Crowe

The Creative Kind Show

Apr 8 2021 • 42 mins

This episode is with Dexter Crowe, someone I've personally known for years who I connected with recently to hear about his latest musical endeavors.

Halaken Collective is the birthplace of a global collective of creators united by the power of art for change. It is a multi-media label intent on cultivating a platform to bridge East and West, the traditional and progressive, the magnificent and unnoticed through music and video.   Dexter and Mercan are two creative forces behind the releases that are focusing on really inspiring projects and putting a ton of passion and drive behind every project they do!

They are creating a platform where artists of all disciplines connected by values are able to collaborate creating meaningful art with a consciousness for the social, environmental, and humanitarian challenges facing today's world. It's an awesome project with some stellar music, I highly suggest checking it out!

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