Finding Your Goals and Planning Strategic Video with Ben Amos

The Creative Kind Show

Apr 22 2021 • 34 mins

Ben Amos is the Owner and Creative Director behind Innovate Media, host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, and Founder of Australia's only purpose-built video blogging studio space - Vlog Pod ®.   He is based in Queensland, Australia, and lives and breaths all things video. I connected with Ben after being a fan of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast for a few years, as it's only fitting that Ben is the first guest for the new season, focusing on entrepreneurs who work in video production!

Ben and I dive into effectively planning your goals, building a strong content strategy, and how to effectively sell through inbound value marketing. I'm pleased to share my interview with Ben and hope that you'll enjoy the conversation as we dive deeper into video marketing strategies.

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