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Podcasting Stories of Smart Audio Report, Apple Podcasts, Catalina with Ms. Ileane
Jul 5 2019
Podcasting Stories of Smart Audio Report, Apple Podcasts, Catalina with Ms. Ileane
The changes announced by Apple will start with the release of Catalina, which will split up iTunes into 3 new Mac applications: Music, Podcasts and TV. What will this mean for you and your show. Coverage by Rich at Review Tech USA More news for Apple Podcasters is the introduction of 100+ categories and the revamping of their existing catalog. But what's the story? Do you think this will help YOUR podcast get discovered? Well maybe if you are using good titles and metadata it will but we'll just have to wait and see.  REMINDER: International Podcast Day 2019 is just around the corner on Monday, September 30, 2019. The final podstory for the week is about the latest Smart Audio Report from Edison Research and NPR. This is very important for podcasters to pay attention too, IMO this is way more important than new categories on Apple Podcasts. “We continue to see those that have voice assistant devices love them, using them every day to get the news, listen to podcasts, live stream radio stations and more,” said Joel Sucherman, NPR Vice President, New Platform Partnerships. “The latest data suggest we’ve moved into a maturation phase in this space, in which earning and maintaining the trust of potential smart speaker buyers, while also demonstrating new functionality, may be a key to continuing dynamic growth,” * Twitter Instagram Facebook me Leave me a voicemail  Thanks for listening!