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Meet the Experts mini-series #5: Alan Edmunds

Low Rates High Returns

Sep 20 2021 • 43 mins

This week Pete and Steve speak to Alan Edmunds, a Sydney-based expert in investing in Australia small caps.Listen as Alan discusses:-Why your own personal life situation impacts your ability to invest in small caps (e.g. do you have a mortgage? relationship status? family commitments?). Understand where you are in your own life first-How to work out your own best method for investing to suit your own personality-Which sectors he looks in for high growth opportunities, and how to get confident in a company through -How Alan 'averages up' into a position when he finds a company with strong fundamentals -Why if you want to achieve big outperformance you need to throw the rule book out the window, remove old assumptions, and find your own method-How you need to think in probabilities, in investing and in life-Why investing in small caps is very different from other forms of investing-Specifically how to value and research small companies in detail-How and why to trim gains when hitting 3-4x initial outlayRecommended reading:Phil Fisher: The Path to Wealth through Common StocksGeorge Soros: The Alchemy of FinanceThanks for listening!Download a free copy of our latest book, Total Money Management – How to escape the rat race and unlock your financial

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