#63 - Creating Content, Creating Community

The Broadway Husbands Podcast

Apr 21 2021 • 47 mins

Today’s episode has two very special guest stars: Taylor Phillips and Jeff O’Donnell, who you may know and love from their incredible social media presence. They’re a great couple on quite the journey together. And while everyone’s Pandemic stories have been different, there’s some comfort in sitting down to speak with other couples and seeing that many of the decisions, trials, tribulations, and little joys are universal. Taylor and Jeff moved out of New York during the Pandemic, and have invested a lot of time and creative energy into buying and fixing up a house. They love walks with their dog, the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the size of shopping carts in suburbia… New York City might be one of the greatest places on earth, but when you live anywhere else, your eyes are opened to hundreds of conveniences you never knew you wanted. And they’re so lucky to be exploring them together during this “extended summer vacation” that is the Pandemic. They’re learning to communicate and give their relationship the quality time it needs and deserves … all while while balancing schedules, maintaining their social media presence, and planning a wedding! These two are more than just content creators. They are community creators. And it was so inspiring to hear their stories of what visibility means in the gay community. Taylor lives his life by the quote “Live the life of the person you needed when you were younger.” And when we were all younger, we did not see same-sex couples paving the way and telling us your feelings are valid, love is out there, and ask questions if you have them. So these two are paving the way in that regard. We love their content, and they are constantly surprised by the way it impacts the community they both work hard to create. This week’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from an anonymous listener: I recently survived a divorce and started dating. I want to be cautious and selective when using dates apps. I recently went on a date with a gorgeous man who is- I don’t know how to say it… not smart. I’m definitely intellectual and this guy is so sweet, but I’m not sure if I can date someone who isn’t very intelligent. Is that shallow of me? I’m not sure if I should still consider going out with him. Taylor and Jeff have different opinions on how much information they should share online. So communication is key before sharing. How do you feel about sharing your personal life on Instagram? Do you think twice before pressing the “share” button? Have you ever regretted a post- or been surprised by the way that you story impacted a complete stranger? We’d love to hear your stories! Send us a message! **** Follow us http://instagram.com/broadwayhusbands http://facebook.com/broadwayhusbands http://youtube.com/broadwayhusbands  Bret http://bretshuford.com http://instagram.com/bretshuford http://twitter.com/bretshuford http://snapchat.com/thebretshuford http://facebook.com/bretshuford Stephen http://instagram.com/stephenrhanna http://twitter.com/stephenrhanna We are grateful to be a part of the Broadway Podcast Network. Thanks to David Dabbon for our theme music and to Sophie Kay Photography for our image. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices