#65 - Happy Collaboration, Happy Couple

The Broadway Husbands Podcast

May 6 2021 • 50 mins

Kelli Erdmann and Freeman Butler quite simply bring joy, light, and creativity to the world. And we were overjoyed to be able to interview them on this week’s podcast! You may know Kelli and Freeman from their amazing TikTok and Instagram videos (tiktok: happykelli and instagram @kelladactyl) featuring Kelly’s amazing dance moves and Freeman’s expert art directing and editing. They are just as lovely as you would imagine and this interview still has us smiling! We loved learning about Kelli and Freeman’s love story. They lived across the country and met on a dating app. Then nearly a year later, they met in New York when Kelli was in Wicked on Broadway. After that fateful day in Times Square, they just knew that even the greatest distance couldn’t keep them apart. They were married six months later. And today, they continue to be are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and supporters. Like so many of us, Kelli and Freeman found themselves looking for a creative outlet during the pandemic and decided to give this TikTok thing (and some new video editing software) a try. They were an overnight sensation! And now anyone who is anyone wants to the chance to dance with Happykelli! Their videos make us smile every time we see them. And their creativity knows no bounds. This week’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from an anonymous listener: After a year of being in quarantine together, working from home, pivoting all of the time, I find myself shutting down with my partner. It’s like I think he should be able to read my mind now after all of this time and if he doesn’t do things exactly how I want I lose my patience. How do I keep myself expressing my emotions to my partner without shutting down?  TikTok as become Kelli and Freeman’s full-time job- and no one is more surprised about that then they are! What surprises has this pandemic brought in your lives? We’d love to hear about them. Send us a message! **** Follow us http://instagram.com/broadwayhusbands http://facebook.com/broadwayhusbands http://youtube.com/broadwayhusbands  Bret http://bretshuford.com http://instagram.com/bretshuford http://twitter.com/bretshuford http://snapchat.com/thebretshuford http://facebook.com/bretshuford Stephen http://instagram.com/stephenrhanna http://twitter.com/stephenrhanna We are grateful to be a part of the Broadway Podcast Network. Thanks to David Dabbon for our theme music and to Sophie Kay Photography for our image. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices