#54 - Broadway vs. Disney

The Broadway Husbands Podcast

Feb 10 2021 • 56 mins

Jared and Lindsay Bradshaw are dear incredible Broadway performers, loving parents, and two of the most creative and energetic souls you’ll meet. We feel lucky to call them our dear friends. And they’ll feel like yours, too, after you listen to this episode full of candor and joy. One thing we love the most about Jared and Lindsay is their perspective on decision making and moving forward. Their time together has been full of decisions: where to live, which jobs to accept and which to let go, and when to start a family while maintaining a performance career. When Broadway shut down and decisions had to be made- How will we make money? How long do we wait for Wicked to reopen? Should we leave our New York apartment? If we do, is it forever? What does it all mean?- they simply made the best choice for now and didn’t look back. These “shifts” as they call them, do not need to be forever. They are for now. And once you’ve made one shift, it’s just as easy to shift into something else. Their most recent shift has landed their family in Orlando, Florida where they are learning new performance and business skills. They’re surrounded by great people, find themselves creating constantly, and even have Magic Kingdom fireworks out their front door! How cool is that? As fellow Disney lovers, that sounds like a mighty fine shift to us. This week’s SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE comes to us from an anonymous listener: My girlfriend and I are arguing a lot. We’ve been together for three years and are both in high school. What advice can you offer high schoolers in an argument? Lindsay has learned fifteen new songs since this pandemic started. And she and Jared’s YouTube channel has been a space of great creativity as well. What are you doing to feed your creative soul during this shutdown? Is it an old passion that has been on the back-burner for a while? Or maybe something brand new? We’d love to hear what keeps your inner artist happy and nurtured! **** Follow us http://instagram.com/broadwayhusbands http://facebook.com/broadwayhusbands http://youtube.com/broadwayhusbands  Bret http://bretshuford.com http://instagram.com/bretshuford http://twitter.com/bretshuford http://snapchat.com/thebretshuford http://facebook.com/bretshuford Stephen http://instagram.com/stephenrhanna http://twitter.com/stephenrhanna We are grateful to be a part of the Broadway Podcast Network. Thanks to David Dabbon for our theme music and to Sophie Kay Photography for our image. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices